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A Few Words from Our Patients

"All four of my family members have been patients at Dr. Cancro’s office for close to 15 years, and I have personally been a patient for over 20 years. For the past 28 years, I have been under chiropractic care from four different practitioners since incurring an injury while carrying our oldest child when she was an infant. Without question, Dr. Cancro has been the best chiropractor I have had in terms of approach, techniques, and concern for me as a patient. She has been a compassionate caregiver and great listener, always inquiring how I feel at each appointment as though it’s the first one!  

As I have grown older and as a long-time patient, I feel like my chiropractic profile continues to evolve, with Dr. Cancro being the perfect antidote to provide relief and painlessly meet my needs. Unfortunately I have had my share of neck and back issues over the years, resulting from overexertion of daily tasks or from exercising. In every instance, however, especially because of regular appointments and care, I have recovered relatively quickly and greatly benefited from Dr. Cancro’s treatments and therapies.

Dr. Cancro and her entire practice are truly incredible!"

– Jerry D.


"I’ve been a regular patient of Dr. Nicole’s for several years. She has helped treat me during times of routine maintenance, and also through acute injury. Through all of my experience as her patient, this is what stands out to me: her strong, positive, delightful spirit; her clinical expertise reflected through her thoughtful and thorough approach to treatment; and her clear love of and commitment to the work that she does. It’s always my pleasure to visit her!"

– Lisa T.


"Doctor Sara Panarello is an extraordinary practitioner. I had inexplicably lost all practical use and motion in my right arm in December of 2014. As a result, I was unable to work. The most basic activities were extremely painful and nearly impossible. Prior to my first appointment with her, I had undergone extensive physical therapy, which only exasperated my condition. 

Doctor Panarello quickly assessed my condition and gave me consistent, thoughtful and compassionate treatment, with a clear path forward.

I regained full movement, motion and mobility in three weeks. I have not had any recurring pain or discomfort since.

I cannot recommend her highly enough. I am eternally grateful to her. Without her, my only viable option was surgery."

– Matte H.


"Dr. Cancro has built a practice where wellness unfolds from the inside out, where discomfort is alleviated, and where the body is restored. Her keen knowledge of anatomy is coupled with a gentle, intuitive touch. At Cancro Chiropractic, each member of the staff helps create a holistic oasis, a welcoming space where healing is the order of the day."

– Fiona L.


"Dr. Nicole carefully took my medical history; then with amazing skill and care developed a program that allows me to feel good every day. Dr. Nicole’s treatments have significantly improved my life by increasing my flexibility and have allowed me to enjoy life with the absence of pain."

– Peter C.


"Before finding Dr. Panarello and the rest of the staff at Dr. Cancro's office, I had spent about five months in fairly constant and extreme discomfort. I'd experienced some trauma during the birth of my daughter, and because I'd been more focused on my daughter than on myself, I put off seeking help until she was about four months old. By that time, I was in enough pain that I had difficulty picking up my daughter, lying flat on my back or stomach, and transitioning between sitting and standing.

I found Cancro Chiropractic via an internet search and made my first appointment with Dr. Panarello. During my first appointment (and during every appointment from then on), Dr. Panarello was friendly, thorough, professional, gracious, and knowledgeable. We spoke about my history and the paperwork that I'd filled out before she began my initial assessment. Then she began to work on and with me, all the time letting me know what she was doing and requesting feedback. By the end of the session, I felt happy and refreshed, and my body felt better than it had in months. I was thrilled with her work and with gradually becoming pain-free and continued to see Dr. Panarello — and for some sessions — Dr. Cancro over the next few months. I continued to feel better after every appointment and to be amazed with the high level of personable and skillful service that I received at the practice.

I was so impressed with Dr. Panarello's work that I brought my baby in to see her shortly after I started my treatment. She was more than wonderful with my little girl. My daughter had been restricted by the cord in utero and subsequently held a lot of tension in her body. Dr. Panarello helped us determine the source of the tension, relieve it, and gave us exercises to do with our baby at home. In a very short time, our baby's tension completely disappeared.

Today I am a better mom because of Dr. Panarello's work, and my baby (now almost toddler!) is more comfortable and relaxed. I very enthusiastically recommend her for adults and babies alike!

Additionally, I'm so grateful to Dr. Cancro for having created such a wonderful practice. The reception staff is helpful and very well organized, and they always seem to remember everyone's name and story. Dr. Cancro can perform magic with the various healing techniques that she practices, and she has surrounded herself with professionals that do the same. From the relaxing music and lighting to the clean and comfortable space, the healing experience of visiting Cancro Chiropractic always feels like a mini day at the spa. (And I always leave feeling even better than if I'd been at a spa!)"

– Sarah F.


"About fourteen years ago I had the good fortune to be referred to Dr. Cancro by a friend who convinced me that a good chiropractor would make a huge difference in my life. At the time I had been experiencing severe pain localized along each side of my back, and a year of physical therapy had brought me no relief. I was unable to work, play or rest comfortably, and was at my wits end.

I recall feeling no pressure from Dr. Cancro when I met her. Her focus was on understanding what was causing my pain, and then, on how to treat it. I remember her taking her time, using her hands, and undertaking adjustments that brought me relief. Within a relatively short time, my pain had subsided and at some point, it disappeared and never returned. 

I have immense respect for Dr. Cancro and I trust her. She is a consummate health professional who happens to be a gifted healer. She knows what she’s doing, and she works with her patients to provide excellent care

I continue seeing Dr. Cancro on a regular basis because of the wellness benefits I have received from her treatments. I believe that my adjustments have kept my back healthy, and that massages done by her colleagues have also played an important role in maintaining my overall health. I also would say that the staff in Dr. Cancro’s office are wonderful and caring individuals who make me feel welcome and safe, and that the physical office itself is conveniently located, and full of healing energy and positive light.

Dr. Cancro rates five stars in my book, and I recommend her without reservation to anyone who is looking for a really, really, REALLY outstanding chiropractor. She, without a doubt, is a chiropractor’s chiropractor – the best of the best.”

– Alice A. 


massage testimonials

"I suffer from several chronic illnesses, including fibromyalgia, and have found that not all massage is created equal. Taliesen uses a unique blend of massage, stretching and energy work—creating a technique that takes into consideration the whole body, not just where I feel the pain.

Taliesen has helped me better understand my body, such as how my mental and physical stressors cause pain. After a massage, Taliesen makes sure I leave with a self-care game plan to keep me feeling good in between appointments. I have found Taliesen's techniques help me get pain-free faster. I highly recommend her."

– Adrienne C.


"Wendy is a superb massage therapist and a wonderful healer. After being introduced to her massages, I began seeing her monthly. My overall wellbeing has improved since my monthly treatments. Wendy’s depth of knowledge about muscles and anatomy is apparent whenever I have concerns about a specific issue such as sore feet or positions bothering me in Pilates class. Recently after many weeks in a boot for a broken toe my entire body felt tight and off. Wendy's massage made a huge difference in relaxing my body. She is a gentle caring person and an integral part of Cancro Chiropractic which provides a welcome, soothing and healing atmosphere."

– Cookie A.


“I’ve been seeing Emily for over six years. I followed her to the Cancro Chiropractic office to experience the true full-service treatment. As I have said to her many times, my relationship with her is both longer-standing and more sacred than that with my husband! Emily is, among other things, warm, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. She has taught me so much about my own muscles and preventative care that has certainly saved my body from many an injury, and she continues to inform me as she furthers her own education — I’m so impressed with her commitment to learning.

Right away, when I began seeing her, I also felt comforted by her easy and friendly demeanor; this has only grown as I got to know her more over time. She is always wearing a smile, and does not hesitate to ask how I am first thing whenever she sees me. Of course she wants to know how my body feels, but she also wants to know how things are going in my life. She knows just as much about my tricky lower back and tight hips as she does my dogs, and her care for both of these things contributes to her ability to provide the utmost in care. Emily has seen me through countless difficulties, from pulled muscles to professional mishaps; no matter what has happened in a day, I feel better mentally and emotionally after having spent time on the table with her. I truly value my sessions with Emily and look forward to another six years—and beyond!”

– Megan K.


"Spine fusion surgery for a broken vertebrae left many parts of my body tight and sore, even after I had healed from the surgery. I visited a few massage therapists, and soon realized that not all massage therapists understand the complexities of injuries and their impact on one’s overall anatomy. Meghan took the time to assess my overall tightness, soreness and mobility (or lack thereof), and has helped to improve my overall wellness. Seeing her once a week at first, then every couple of weeks thereafter, Meghan worked to get me to the point where I am back at the gym, stretching and working out. My energy, strength, even posture, have all improved thanks to Meghan (and Dr. Cancro) I recommend her without reservation.”

– Stefan N.


“Taliesen is an outstanding massage therapist. She is strong and gentle and very tuned into my unique needs and issues. I went to Taliesen when I was recovering from a serious illness and she treated me with sensitivity and understood what my body needed and could handle. She is one of those amazing people with a great deal of intellectual and intuitive knowledge about the body.  She has a big heart and healing hands.”

– Randi F.


"I was hurting pretty badly from what turned out to be a very arthritic hip. My pain went from practically no issues to hard to walk — all after landing on my hip during volleyball (luckily on grass). Wendy helped in a big way during rehab to get me mobile and flexible again.

Over a year later when it became time for a total hip replacement (no cartilage left in the old hip joint), Wendy was instrumental in keeping my spasming muscles under check so I wasn’t in constant pain. Additionally, my muscles were in better shape for post-operative recovery. Three months after my hip surgery I was playing volleyball again almost better than before my hip started to hurt and some kudos appropriately go to Wendy.

On top of her finding what is ailing you (if all you do is point in the general area), she is careful to take her targeted massage to a level you can stand and not more. And if that wasn’t enough, she is kind, funny, smart and someone you want to be friends with. I feel lucky to have found her caring ways."

– Daniel M.


“It begins with a welcoming smile; she asks what is troubling you; she listens attentively and shares her plan to get you back on track. And then you give yourself over to her capable hands. Emily is finely attuned to the relationship between anatomy, physiology, and muscular skeletal development. By the end of the hour-long session I’m floating on air, every nerve end of every muscle relaxed and in a state of satisfied resignation. Once back out in the office she asks how I’m doing and reminds me to hydrate. I look forward to the next session. 

Thank you, Emily.”

– David A.


“Dr. Cancro’s chiropractic care, along with Meghan’s massage, proved a perfect combination. Their respective skills, in tandem, were the best solution I found to the pain throughout my leg caused by an acute disk herniation. Meghan’s expert understanding of anatomy, and of my particular problems, developed in conversation with Dr. Cancro, and her calm, serious method loosened the knots of muscle and tendon my back and leg had formed in compensatory response to the pain. Dr. Cancro’s razor-sharp focus on the precise location of joint and disk issues allowed her to target and release many of the other underlying or resultant issues. I highly recommend this expert one-two punch for joint and muscle treatment.”

– Micol S.


“Wendy has worked with our family for over five years. She is an extraordinary massage therapist and an inspirational personal trainer. For every session, she arrives on time filled with positive energy and a smile on her face. She is highly knowledgeable, a joy to work with and a great motivator. Wendy is uniquely qualified to help individuals with sports-related injuries due to her expertise in both anatomy and strength and conditioning. She works extremely hard to understand the nuances of my body and is able to quickly detect and treat areas that are causing immobility or pain. The combination of massage therapy and personal training has improved my flexibility and strength, and has alleviated my chronic pain from a herniated disc. Wendy has dramatically improved my health and quality of life.”

– Peter W.


“For many years I have been treated for a longstanding low back injury. When I was referred to Taliasen I never imagined she would approach this through treatment of my pelvic floor and abdomen, largely eradicating my low back pain. Her myofacial release and massage therapy skills have been amazingly therapeutic for multiple issues. 

Taliasen's intuitive nature and understanding of energy flow related to the mind body interaction allows her to address issues in a way that is not only effective physically but allows healing emotionally and psychologically. 

Taliasen has relieved longstanding issues in my body and has since effectively treated my girls (ages 10 and 12) with noticeable improvement as an adjunct to chiropractic care."

– Krista C.